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Kel Biddle

Lineolated Parakeets, Pearly, Blue-throated, Black-capped, Rose-crowned & Peach-fronted Conures, Nth Crimson Rosella (Nigrescens), Nth King Parrot( Minor),Malabar Parrot, Bleeding Heart Pigeon, Emerald Dove, Bob White & King Quail & Moluccan Red Lory & H/Ring Black-headed Caiques.

Avian health & nutrition

Phone: 0408771975

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Gary & Bev Bosel


Indian ringnecks and Malabars

Phone: 0412052391

John & Shirley Collins

Breeders of Indian Ringneck mutations most colours Aviary and handraised birds when available.


0409060213 or 0487786662

Tom Doyle

Kings, Cloncurry,  Cockatiels, Red breasted black cap Lorry, Conures - Green cheeked, pied sun conures, crimson bellies, peach fronted/golden crowned.

Hand raised birds available when in season

Phone: 47736047

 Yvonne Evans


Phone: 47515348

Murray & Kaye Greenslade

(NQ Aviaries)

Australian  lorikeets  rainbows, scaley breasted, red collared,  musk. 

PNG Lorry, red phase dusky yellow phase dusky red breasted blackcaps.

Eclectus, alexandrines,  indian ringnecks ,moustache parrot, derbyan, plumhead, malabars, blue fronted amazons,  blue and gold  macaws, quakers, nanday and janday conures, sun conures, greencheeked conures, galahs, sulphur crested cockatoo, budgies bourke parrots  red rumped parrots

Hand raised  birds available

Crop needles,  nest boxes, aviary  mesh,  iron and gal RHS  ā€œJā€™ clips and pliers & Seeds

Phone: 47515745

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John and Sue McDougall


Green-cheeked Conure (various colours) and Blue Quakers.

Phone: 0412980001

Annette & Kym McGuire

(Bogie Birds)

Rainbow Lorikeets - Normals, Mustards, Dilute, Double Factor Pied & Lutino Scaly Breasted Lorikeets, Red Collar Lorikeets Normal & Mustard.

Conures - Green Cheek - Normal, Pineapples & Cinnamon. Pearly, Black Cap, Sun & Sundays

Monk Parrots (Quakers), Hahns Macaws, Red Dusky Lory, Chattering Lory, Mallee and Cloncurry  King Parrots Indian Ringnecks, Moustache & Alexandrine Parrots, Galahs, Ecelectus Parrots  

Phone:  0428199035

Norm Piper

( Raintree Aviaries)

Green cheeked Conures,  Cinnamon Green Cheeked Conures, Lutino Rainbow and Scaley Lorikeets,  Lutino Elegant parrot, Bourke Parrot, Red rumped Parrot, King Quail, Red Windged Parrot, Paleheaded rosella, Port Lincoln parrot, Alexandrines. 

Phone 47888546

Garry & Kathy Neems

Cockatiels, Bourke parrots, Turquoisine Parrots,  Gouldian Finches, Princesses Parrots

Phone: 47714287

Michael Rolfe & Jasmine Jones

(Sundown Aviaires)

Rainbow and Scaley breasted  Lorikeets.

Conures Pearly,  pineapple green cheeked, nandays, black capped conure Jandays.

Blue and green  princess parrots.  Hand  Raised birds  when available

Phone:  0452218676

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Leeann and Steve Rowbottom

Birds we keep and hand-raise as pets:

Conure, Australian native Lorikeets, Dusky Lory, Galah, Alexandrine parrot, Plumhead parrot, Bourke Parrot, Cockatiel, Budgie, Caique.

All hand-raised babies are subject to seasonal/availability.

Phone:  0413769749 

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Michelle and Andrew Shaw

Handraised birds:

Derbyans, Major Mitchells, Quakers, Masked Love Birds, Hahn's Macaws,

Musk Lorikeet, Dusky Lorries, Dilute lorries, Blue Front Lorries  and Red Caps

Aviary birds:

Superbs, Turquoise and Swifts.

Phone: 0419641402  

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Jim and Jenny Van Reyk

Exotic Lorry, Australian Lorikeets, Alexandrine, Indian Ring Necks, Moustache Parrot, Yellow tailed Black Cockatoo, Red tailed Black cockatoo, Major Mitchell,Eastern Galah, Western Galah Short billed Corella.

Aviary Construction.

Aviary components.

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Phone: 0747 787007


Anthony, Melody and Paige Welch

Alexandrine, Rainbow lorikeet, dilute rainbow lorikeet, Red-collared lorikeets.

Hand Raised  Birds  when  in season  orders  taken in advance.

Phone: 0416810182