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Club Meetings are held on the first Sunday of the month, January excepted, and meetings are held at member’s homes. The formal part of the meeting is generally followed by some “bird talk” and/or a brief practical demonstration on some aspect of birdkeeping and of-course, provides the opportunity to view the host member’s collection.

The Club publishes a monthly magazine “WINGS” which contains formal and topical information on the Club, local happenings and info on aviculture in general. Magazines from a number of other Clubs are received regularly and together with our extensive library, there is a wealth of information for both the novice and more experienced birdkeeper.

We have a wide membership and as well as local birdkeepers we have members from around the Townsville region (we call them “out of towners”) who attend meetings from time to time. At a time when some social organizations are floundering, our Club is prospering and that is a tribute to the members of our Club.

Members keep a very large variety of birds ranging from Australian and foreign Finches, Native Parrots, Lorikeets, Exotic Lorikeets and Lories, Cockatoos, Asiatics (Ringnecks etc), and Exotic Parrots (Conures etc). We have a wide range of collections that include the smaller suburban backyard setups through to extensive holdings on acreage allotments.

As well as the variety of birds kept there is a wealth of experience to be had from our members, some of whom have kept and bred birds for over twenty-five years. A number of our Members have given presentations at Avicultural Conventions and have also had articles on aviculture presented in publications such as the Parrot Society Of Australia magazine and Talking Birds.

We are also proactive in promoting hobbyist aviculture within the area, and the Club has been a regular representative at the Riverway Festival, Local Pet Expo’s and we host an Annual Bird Sale, held in early May each year. The Bird Sale is open, as a seller or buyer, to both members of Regional/Local Avicultural Societies and the General Public. The Bird sale is run as a Queensland Commercial Wildlife Licensed event.

We venture out of town for a couple of our monthly meetings to catch up with our “out of towners”. We also visit other Bird Clubs in the NQ area, generally over a weekend and we also host w/end visits from other Clubs.

Other social activities include attendance at an annual Northern Avicultural Societies (NAS) “get together” that is held over the long weekend in June of consecutive years. This event is hosted by one of the North Qld Bird Clubs, on a rotational basis and is a great opportunity for networking and aviary visits.

Our Club is always well represented at these NAS get-togethers and good attendance is aided by our central location in the NAS district and the generous subsidy our Club provides to active members attending the weekend. The TBC Inc lasted hosted in 2010  and  looks  forward to 2017  when  it  will be  our turn  again .

The Thuringowa Bird Club  celebrated  its 20th Anniversary  in  2015.

The Club is also very active on a Federal, State and Local Government front and we have contributed to a number of Government Consultative Committees. The Club has also been an active participant in Environment Protection Agency (EPA) consultative processes on a variety of aspects regarding the hobbyist birdkeeper including Codes of Conduct and amendments to Wildlife Regulations.

We as a Club were also involved in the Drafting of Local Laws regarding the keeping of domestic birds for the former City of Thuringowa. An effort that was rewarded by Thuringowa having the most liberal and informed regulations in the State.  

Due to the recent amalgamation of Thuringowa and Townsville Cities, these Local Laws  were reviewed and  our club  had  considerable input.  in the updating of the local laws.


Our latest venture is this website. It’s a work in progress and hopefully will become a valuable asset to bird keepers in our region.

If you would like to know more about our Club, or just info on birds in general, you could contact us by email, post or phone, and you can just attend one of our meetings as our guest.

There is no obligation to join or become involved. Just click on  our contact  page for further details. 

Commitee Members 2016/17


Kel Biddle

Vice President:

Annette McGuire


Leeann Rowbottom


Garry Neems


Krystal Prasser


Yvonne Evans

Fund Raiser:

Ingrid Gamauf

Sales Steward:

Greg Wallace

Life Members


Jenny van Reyk


Norm Piper


Jim van Reyk


Murray Greenslade


Ed Larson


Club Member of the Year

Annette McGuire

Greg Wallace


Shirley Collins


Yvonne Evans

Jenny van Reyk


John McDougall


Kel Biddle


Peter Hay


Yvonne Evans


Daneile Evans


Barb Calister


Jim van Reyk


Helen Pearson


Norm Piper


Jim van Reyk


Bob Burns